20.03.19 09:27 AM Comment(s) By Babu

Let's assume you are an NGO who recruits volunteers to teach across the world.

Now, since you're looking at a large set of volunteers, it'll be easier for you to have one single platform to carry out:

●  Volunteer-seeking campaigns

●  Gathering leads

●  Sorting them

●  Reaching out to the leads

●  Evaluating them

●  Filtering them

●  Picking the best of volunteers

●  Involving them in various activities which are project-level and geo-level and together, making a change

Whew! We know how hard it is to initiate the process, maintain a database and put everything to use.

The only thing you need here is a Recruitment & Volunteer Management App - one platform to help you with registration, volunteering and periodical volunteer activity management/tracking.

Zappyworks, Zoho's truster partner, has expertise building such apps on the Zoho Creator platform from scratch, customizing it and making it work wonders for every client.

What happens in this app?

The Recruitment & Volunteer Management App will have an end-to-end registration process, that will allow you to segregate your leads coming from various marketing efforts. Zoho Campaigns is one other tool you may use to execute, analyze and learn from every online/offline campaign you carry out to get people to register.

Once you sort these leads, you'd like to meet them face to face, allow them to meet you and understand your NGO and to see if together, both of you can bring about changes. This app also allows you to send out event reminders for recruitment workshops along with date, time, venue & RSVP. Once you have finalized on the volunteers, each of them is given access to this app, a personal profile and a dashboard. The app is a two-way solution - the management is given access to analyze and carefully study the journey of every volunteer while the volunteer himself/herself is also allowed to update their profile based on the different activities they attend, various services they've provided and how their presence has helped the organization. The best part of the app is that it is available both on desktop as well as mobile for easy real-time data fetching.

Through these points, reviews by reporting managers and various other customizable validations, the volunteers continue to experience, learn and grow with the NGO.

The Recruitment & Volunteer Management App is for organizations that invest a lot of money and time on marketing efforts to bring in leads, filter them, pick the best ones and on-board them.


All of this on one single Zoho platform but multiple options to customize.

Interesting, isn't it?

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